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Business Time

Commercial Illustration, is one of several fields that STARANGER specialises in. 

Branding, design, creative solutions and delivering high-end artwork for web and print, carries with it a need for precision, for experience and a keene eye for details.

STARANGER works close with their clients to deliver and keep their patrons up to date with process sketches, while keeping a close eye on the deadline.

Here is some of the most recent commercial Artwork created by us.

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 Disaster in the Universe - Band Illustration

Music Video - Feel the force 2015

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Disaster In The Universe 

Is said to be one of Norway’s most exciting music exports.Disaster In The Universe has been frequently listed and played on the biggest radio stations in Norway during the last three years, and they have featured on all the biggest music festivals in Norway.

Artwork was commissioned as a part of the release of the album Feel the force in 2015.

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